Want to know the practical steps to take to achieve US privacy compliance?

After helping companies big and small achieve compliance with Privacy laws am condensing all my knowledge into this course.

Instead of reading pages of regulations and wondering what to do, let me tell you step by step how you can comply with customer and employee data sets.

Don't let consultants over charge you for advice they have given countless clients. My course will give you everything you need to understand the laws, what they mean for your business, and how you can comply to maintain your customers trust.

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US Privacy Rights

Most US Privacy laws provide the following rights to your customers and employees (some exemptions):

  • Must disclose what information you have about the customer or employee, and what is done with the information within 45 days
  • Must delete personal information of the customer or employee if a valid request is received within 45 days
  • Must not sell customer personal information if requested not to do so

There are caveats to each right above that are important to understand. Failure to understand and apply the law correctly could result in fines or legal implications.

Company Requirements

Does your company meet any of the following requirements? If so, you have a legal obligation to comply:

Gross annual revenue of $25m.


Buy, receive, or sell the personal information of 50,000 or more California residents, households, or devices.


Derive 50% or more of annual revenue from "selling" California residents' personal information.

If your company operations meet any of the above thresholds then you have a legal obligation to take action and comply with the requirements of most US Privacy laws.

Failure to comply could result in EACH customer bringing a lawsuit with damages up to $750/customer + legal fees. The California Attorney General can also bring legal action against your business.

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