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GDPR Privacy Rights

The GDPR regulation provides the following rights to your customers and employees (some exemptions):

  • Must disclose what information you have about the customer or employee, and what is done with the information within 45 days
  • Must delete personal information of the customer or employee if a valid request is received within 45 days
  • Must enable correction of information that is incorrect

There are caveats to each right above that are important to understand. Failure to understand and apply the law correctly could result in fines or legal implications.

Company Requirements

If your company collects, processes, or stores information on customers or employees located in the EU region then you have a legally mandated requirement to ensure compliance with GDPR.

There is no small business exemption.

New contractual language has been provided as of June 7th. Privacy professionals are working diligently to understand these new rules. This information will be included in the course.

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EU Privacy Compliance

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